providing KYC and AML to the databased.FINANCE Community

Thank you to the team at who will be onboarding community capital providers for databased.FINANCE.

databased.FINANCE has chosen to use Securitize because they are SFC registered, provide Web-based dashboard for easy global access, perform all our Know Your Customer /Anti Money Laundering checks with full-service exception processing.

We’ve been in contact with since May 2019 and its great to have them as a valued member of the community. Creating a smooth on-boarding process for new capital providers who want to join the community which allows each user to sign up once for the databased.FINANCE pool and then benefit from flexible exposure as the community provides liquidity.

About databased.FINANCE

databased.FINANCE is bridging the divide between Decentralized Finance and Real World Assets using data. We purchase verified inventory, freeing up cash flow for SME companies.

Want to know more?

email: hello@databased.FINANCE



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