Same or Better Non Fungible Tokens

SorB NFTs: Bringing Real World Inventory Assets to DeFi

dbF Team
2 min readMar 2, 2022


Databased Finance successfully finances first Million USD / DAI SorB NFT

On Jan 11th 2022, Databased Finance issued the first ever Same or Better Non Fungible Token (SorB NFT) to fund $1 million of Real World Inventory Assets for Amazon Sellers on our Yaydu Platform.

SorB NFT’s bring the flexibility of DeFi funding to the multi-billion dollar global supply chain ecosystem.

Each SorB NFT represents the value of inventory available for purchase at the time of minting. Each unique token is a register of the collateral available for stable-coin holders to stake against and manages the constraints that the inventory supplier must comply with to be ‘in-the-money’. If a supplier falls outside of the parameters of the NFT they must pay it down, by returning funds to the pool, or replace items with those of the same or better value.

Yaydu’s SorB NFTs print snapshots of an immutable chain of records of derived historic price value applied to inventory data derived from Amazon Seller’s third-party-held inventory. The data comes directly from Amazon allowing the trust-less nature of DeFi contracts to reach into the real world based on verifiable, independent, third-party-sourced data.

The team at Yaydu has been working closely with their Amazon Seller customer base, initially by issuing multiple static NFTs, in preparation for implementing SorB NFTs.

Traditional NFTs are electronic descriptions of single assets that are locked in time and space on-chain. Same or Better NFTs describe groupings of verified assets that can change dynamically (as they are sold and re-supplied) as long as the parameters of the NFT are not broken. In the real world, this means inventory does not have to be moved into the corner of a warehouse and secured if it is used as collateral, instead the combined mark to market value of the entire warehouse’s contents is constantly recalculated and, as long as it remains within the boundaries described by the SorB NFT, business’s can continue to cycle through it during the normal course of trading.

SorB NFTs take Defi funding to the next level. They provide Funders the flexibility and benefits of highly collateralized investments as well as enticing returns. At the same time, Amazon Sellers have access to the low-interest capital they need to keep inventory flowing and accelerate sales.



dbF Team

databased.FINANCE bridges Decentralized Finance and Real-World Inventory Assets by utilizing verified data from third party sources.