Powering Amazon Sellers with DeFi Capital.


Problem: Amazon Sellers are required to stage enough inventory to meet Amazon’s customer delivery promises. This forces Sellers to hold more inventory for longer periods, thereby requiring greater amounts of capital.

Solution: Introducing the Yaydu Platform; where Sellers can access DeFi capital as soon as inventory is recorded by a third party.

Yaydu plugs directly into a Seller’s Amazon account and uses Amazon’s data to accurately price their current inventory’s sellable value based on each products proven sales history. Inventory is then purchased based on Third party Logistics (3PL) counts and its calculated fair market value (minus the fees charged by Amazon for fulfillment, advertising and their services) speeding up the payments cycles for Amazon Sellers.

Databased Finance then issues Same Or Better Non Fungible Tokens (SorB NFTs) which collateralize the inventory’s value but allow units to be sold and replaced with items of the same or better value. These SorB NFTs are locked into smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain allowing Funders to stake their DAI and gain from the recurring fees paid by sellers to use the service.

The Yaydu platform provides a significant step forward for the integration of Decentralized Finance into the real world. It provides an automated way to connect the ever growing pool of stable coins with a return on capital, which is based on assets outside of the current electronic ecosystem. This creates a stable stream of income for funders while increasing the foundation of DeFi in real value.

The existence of the Yaydu platform is only possible through a concerted effort of Databased Finance, its partners / platform providers and our funders. So big thanks go to:

Silicon Valley Bank, Circle and their respective financial compliance teams.

Centrifuge, Ethereum and Maker Dao for platform support.

Securitize for the KYC AML of our pool of sophisticated funders.



dbF Team

databased.FINANCE bridges Decentralized Finance and Real-World Inventory Assets by utilizing verified data from third party sources.