New: Amazon FBA Brand Sellers Gain Access to DeFi Funding

dbF Team
2 min readJan 23, 2021


New, Fairly Priced Funding for Amazon Sellers that want to supercharge their brand.

databased.FINANCE on-boards the first two brands to join our decentralized inventory financing pool.

By purchasing Amazon Brand’s pre-positioned inventory, databased.FINANCE helps Brand Owners take their business to the next level.

Fair finance means everyone in the community benefits from a system where access to data replaces expensive middlemen.

Brands can see how much inventory the pool has capitalized and how much it returns in Sales Fee Revenues. The pool is designed to generate the equivalent of 12% APR annual return overall, meaning that when the sales fees from each brand are combined, this is also their average cost. Even though they may pay slightly more when they first join, paying on time, speeding up the frequency of replenishment, and selling off slow-moving inventory items all lower their sales fees. This optimization and the duration they have been in the pool moves them from above average to lower risk categories that reward them with lower monthly costs.

Community Financiers can choose Junior or Senior Debt through electronic tokenized ownership of promissory notes that payout as Sales Fees are collected.

In this first 30 day cycle, databased.FINANCE is purchasing all the risk-taker (TIN), and risk Averse (DROP) tokens in a closed Alpha trial of the new Same or Better (SorB) integrated NFT generated based on verified data provided by and smart contract systems provided on‘s Tinlake Platform.

The first two brands to join the pool are Saddler a luxury leather products brand, and Swiss Reimagined, which sells watchbands, parts, and buckles.

While these brands seem a world apart, databased.FINANCE can fund any Amazon Seller based on the data from their historical sales records and their inventory held by third party fulfillment.

About databased.FINANCE

databased.FINANCE is bridging the divide between Decentralized Finance and Real-World Assets using data. We purchase verified inventory, freeing up cash flow for SME companies.

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dbF Team

databased.FINANCE bridges Decentralized Finance and Real-World Inventory Assets by utilizing verified data from third party sources.