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From USD to Crypto and back again…

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This article is one of a set of short briefing notes for any treasury manager, CFO, company director or compliance officer to get smart quick on how’s USDC free and paid services function. We’ve been there, seen it, built it, and we’re happy to share. provides free accounts that allow business’ to move USD from their bank account and into a circle USDC wallet that is connected to multiple blockchains.

If you don’t know how USDC operates its peg then jump here for the Cliff notes.

This free account is already a step up from your other options to move money on and off chain because:

  • The account is free.
  • There are no transaction fees.
  • There is no spread between USD and USDC or back again.

Once in your circle wallet you can transfer onto any circle supported chain. If the chain charges then circle passes on the approximate cost. If the chain doesn’t charge then neither does circle.

  • So Yes; Your free account really is as free as anything gets…
How Circle’s free account connects your bank to your circle wallet and onto the chain(s)

This free service means using crypto as a payments rail is now achievable and affordable for fund managers who are looking to make crypto investments or businesses that want to make efficient, instantaneous domestic and international settlements.

Great. All done? Well not quite, Circle offer’s paid services — an open API that allows you to plug straight in to their world. So do you need, or should you really be paying to play? Click <here> to find more or check the bottom of the article for the rest of the series.

Note 1: You must be a business — if you are an individual you are currently still stuck with trusting an exchange.

Note 2: To qualify for a free account your company will need to run through some standard Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer document checking. Circle will then ask for your company’s bank account details — this will be the only account you can move funds to and from. Once this is setup you are ready to go. When you transfer USD to a specific account number provided for your company at Silvergate bank it will arrive, as if by magic, into your Circle account as USDC. You can then transfer it onto any chain supported by Circle:

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About us:

We buy Amazon Seller inventory

We use to manage inflowing funds from our pool of funders, to make our inventory purchases directly with our customers (via USD bank transfers), and to receive all our sales fees.

Our IT services subsidiary has built a ‘Banking Front End’ for Circle’s API’s — this is now available for 30 days free trial use by any company that has API access to Circle at — simply register, paste your Circle Key and inform Circle you are using our App to connect.



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