AAVE meets Amazon Sellers

dbF Team
1 min readMar 2, 2022

USDC stable coin holders can now benefit from returns generated by Amazon Sales

USDC to AAVE to Amazon

Databased Finance (in partnership with Centrifuge) has connected the AAVE pool of USDC holders to a pool of real world inventory assets from Amazon Sellers through the Yaydu platform.

The Yaydu platform is owned and operated by Databased Finance and pools Amazon Sellers inventory assets. Databased Finance publishes the composition of the pool and the inventory that is available for purchase utilizing Same or Better (SorB) NFTs onto the Ethereum blockchain. These NFTs are locked into smart contracts, which allow DAI coin holders to stake against them. This newest product means that USDC holders can also benefit from the returns, which are offered a layer of protection by a junior financing tranche.

The existence of the Yaydu platform is only possible through a concerted effort of Databased Finance, its partners / platform providers and our funders. So big thanks go to:

Silicon Valley Bank, Circle and their respective financial compliance teams.

Centrifuge, Ethereum, Maker Dao and AAVE for platform support.

Securitize for the KYC AML of our pool of sophisticated funders.



dbF Team

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