1.02 Pay for a Circle.com Account?

Who should upgrade to a paid account with Circle USDC?

dbF Team
2 min readSep 28, 2022


This article is one of a set of short briefing notes for any treasury manager, CFO, company director or compliance officer to get smart quick on how Circle.com’s USDC free and paid services function. We’ve been there, seen it, built it, and we’re happy to share.

Circle’s free account is great, but for professional money managers you should consider looking at investing in a paid for account that grants you access to Circle’s APIs before you open yourself up to any large scale financial or operational risk.

The API or Application Process Interface allows your systems to ask questions and make demands of Circle’s payments infrastructure. This gives some key capabilities to your company:

  1. Store your own data. Circle deposits do not take place on a public block chain until you make transfers out. With the API you can maintain your own ledger entries to show to your Compliance officer, Accountants, and Auditing team.
  2. Augment your transaction data. Add your own meta data tags to cut down on accounting and audit burden at end of year.
  3. Provide roles based access control and record who did what with your money.
  4. Manage multiple sub-accounts (sub wallets) to ring fence customer deposits or fund activity. Circle allows you to add as many sub wallets as you want at a very low, one-off cost. This means even small funds can move away from the omnibus account (or Checking and Savings Account) limitations of traditional finance and run multiple piggy banks that isolate activity in easy to audit, siloed transaction accounts

About us:

We buy Amazon Seller inventory www.databasedfinance.com

We use Circle.com to manage inflowing funds from our pool of funders, to make our inventory purchases directly with our customers (via USD bank transfers), and to receive all our sales fees.

Our IT services subsidiary has built a ‘Banking Front End’ for Circle’s API’s — this is now available for 30 days free trial use by any company that has API access to Circle at www.bridgeforcircle.com — simply register, paste your Circle Key and inform Circle you are using our App to connect.



dbF Team

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